News Ninja Ultimate Storm 3 Hinata alternate costume

Rumor has it the next issue of Jump will reveal Japan’s release date for Naruto Storm 3 as April 18th! That’s over a month after North America / South America’s March 5th and Europe / Australia’s March 8threlease date.However, Japan will be getting a demo of the game in February. In Saiyan Island’s experience, those with a Japanese PlayStation Network account will likely be able to enjoy the demo even if they live somewhere else in the world. No exact date was revealed, but at the latest, we should be getting a demo in late February. That assumes North America, South America, Europe, and Australia doesn’t get their own version of the demo, but we think that’s unlikely.In addition, the rumor states as a pre-order bonus, Japanese fans will be able to get a downloadable costume for Hinata. Which costume? The one from Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie! She’s pictured on the right. It’s unclear if this will be available for fans of other territories.

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