SNES Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

After Gundam ZZ was created it took 6 years to create a new Gundam series which they called Victory Gundam. When it was being created the director Tomino Yoshiyuki was going trough a depression, because of this things was not going hes way as the first for episodes of the show is really confusing. They had to be changed. Episode 4 became Episode 1, Episode 1 became Episode 2, Episode 2 became Episode 3, and Episode 3 became Episode 4.
Because of Tominos depression Victory Gundam got a really dark tone to it, even darker then Zeta Gundam as some very points in the show. Simply put, people die. Lots and lots of relatable characters are killed of right in front of your eyes. However, even if the show has this darkness around itself it is a really good show which gives you some good and comical moments when it lets up on the depressing moments.


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